Skip a Pay

Beginning October 1st, United Community members may apply to skip their December loan payment(s) by completing the form below. Applications must be submitted before November 10th with a valid method of payment available in their designated United Community account in order for processing to take place. The Skip-a-Pay Fee is $30 to skip one loan or $50 to skip multiple loans.

Have a great holiday season and thank you for choosing to #BeUnited! 

Application Deadline: November 10th, 2018. 

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Please apply Skip a Pay Option to (at least one is required):

Loan(s) paid using an automated payment method?

Examples of an automated payment method include: direct deposit, payroll deduction, ACH, automatic transfer. Please be advised in some cases your automatic payment may not be stopped prior to your loan due date.  In these instances funds will be available in the primary members savings account.

Skip-a-Pay Fee

Please select a method to pay the processing fee for your skipped payment(s). Skip-a-Pay fee is $30 to skip one loan payment OR $50 to skip multiple loan payments. Please be advised funds must be available in the designated United Community account for your skip(s) to be processed.
Please only choose one account.

Terms & Conditions

By electronically signing and submitting, you authorize United Community Credit Union to extend your loan term(s) by one month. The signature of one account owner will provide authorization for all account holders. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan(s) during the month that you skip your payment(s). All Deposit accounts must also be in good standing and not overdrawn, only accounts in good standing will be processed. Loans eligible for this program are limited to Personal and Auto Loans. You understand that any payment(s) skipped, or interest accrued as a result of this skip, may not be covered under your GAP Policy or Credit Insurance Policy, if applicable. Loan payment funds will be credited to your primary savings account if your Skip-a-Pay request is not processed prior to your loan due date. Offer ends and all applications must be received by the promotion deadline listed above. No exceptions will be made past this due date.

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